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CCMA stands for Compassionate Capitalism Marketing Agency. Our motto is simply, Democratisation of Marketing. Reginald Larry-Cole and Scott Martin started their business journey together in 2012. Launching the world’s first car leasing company funded by people via Buy2LetCars.com, for people via Wheels4Sure.com they have built an impressive business track record since 2012. Reg and Scott have also expanded into used car sales via PayGoCarsltd.com and have created an exciting Luxury Reverse Auction business lifestylebids.com. The site offers anything from private jet trips, cruises, designer goods, jewellery, major sports events- football,

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Why Affiliates

Word of mouth has proven to be the most effective marketing method in all our businesses since inception in 2012. However, we find ourselves spending more money with traditional forms of marketing (TV Radio Social Media) which is less effective than the more effective word of mouth source of business. It is with this in mind that we invested heavily in a software platform to make it easy for anyone to refer our services to people who need or want them. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Our team of self-employed referrers is called Affiliates. With this affiliate program, we have created a win/win for both the affiliates and our businesses. In this era of stagnant wages, credit squeeze and a challenged upward social mobility, working with CCMA can enable anyone with ambition and need to earn significant EXTRA income that could put you in the top 1% income percentile in the UK and indeed the world.

Are you looking to earn an extra £500 – £5000 per month?
Do you have a spare 1-2 hours per day?
Have you got access to the internet and do you use Social Media?
Do you like to help people solve their problem?

If you have answered Yes to above you are nearly there: Now, have you thought about what difference £500-£5000 can make to your lifestyle? Would you move to a bigger house or indeed get a deposit for your first house?
Imagine being debt free, as a result of paying all your debts with the extra income you make.
Imagine owning your dream car. Imagine going to 2 or 3 holidays a year to dream locations of your choice- skiing, Caribbean, Africa, USA, Asia, etc. where would your extra income take you? Would you invest some of your money, so that your money works for you when you are not working? What would you do for your family, your partner or your children? What charities would you help? What would you do with an EXTRA £500-£5000 per month!

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Our Partners

How It Works

Earning Potential

Buy2LetCars investment – £200 per client.
Wheels4Sure New car leasing – £100 per client.
Lifestylebids – 20% of revenue residual income.
PayGoCarsltd – £80 per client.
Reginaldlarrycole.global – 20% from Events or book sales.
All sales channels are uncapped and when you register you will be given support on how to go about earning from each brand.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Brands

Reginald Larry-Cole is one of the most influential and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of meeting. What I have found great about this amazing businessman, is that he wants you to have the same success that he has for himself.

I am proud to have Reginald as my mentor for so many reasons, but the most important for me is his request for you to visualize your future to the fine details. Reginald’s story is both powerful and inspiring. After reading his book, you will believe there is nothing in life you can’t do, and you will run to create your success story, which I did!

Angie Le Mar, Comedienne, Writer, Director, Broadcaster, Radio and TV Talk Show Host

Reginald Larry Cole “Reggie”

Reggie is an inspirer, a go-getter, and a results-oriented man, a family man. I’ve watched him as a father be there for his children as a positive role model same as he had with his parents. As a results-oriented man, he’s seemed to have incorporated all his life’s lessons into whatever task brings—light or difficult—and has persevered through it all with faith.

As an inspirer, I’ve witnessed Reggie in his humanitarian and philanthropic work for his beloved Country Sierra Leone. He puts his money and time where his mouth is… investing back into his country through music, arts, and entertainment industry. Also, he has supported the education of young boys and girls of the next generation.

Reggie is a compassionate person and he makes you smile when you see him.

Kym Mazelle, 1st Lady of House Music

Reginald and I first crossed paths in 2009 at a celebration marking Barack Obama’s nomination to the US Presidency. Not only do I count him as a friend but for over a decade I have had the pleasure of being his pastor and spiritual advisor. I have been struck by Reginald’s philosophy of wealth—a thinking that is beyond the mere acquisition of wealth itself. He is guided by a belief underpinned by his faith, uncompromising family values and the kind of compassion that puts people before profit and seek to raise the life-chances of the disadvantaged. Reginald epitomizes resilience in business more than anyone I know and the chronicle of his lived experience in Compassionate Capitalism evidences this. The blessings and lessons shared will inspire and instil in the reader the same belief that they too can defy the odds, refuse to surrender to ‘no’ and experience greater abundance.

Bishop Delroy Powell, National Leader for New Testament Assembly -England

Really good service , excellent
Really good service I’ve just finished a 3 year lease. And starting a new one
Very nice people and good communication. Micheal was great helping me sort everything out

Wheels4sure are fantastic
Wheels4sure are fantastic, within two weeks of applying I now have a brand new car and I couldn’t be happier! Michael was fantastic in explaining the process and working around my busy work schedule, I can’t thank him enough.
Very good company to deal with
Very good company to deal with, exelent customer service
Malcolm Laster
Great company to deal with
I previously had a car with Wheels4sure with great service,but my first car was recently written off by a 3rd party. This company was brilliant, organising a replacement new lease in minimal time – Marcus couldn’t have done enough and I would fully recommend them to anyone. Fantastic car, competitive price and more than happy with the customer service.
Great cars, at fair prices
I was impressed with the range of Hyundai’s at PayGo. It took all the hassle of trying to find the best deal as all of them seemed to be in one place!
Scott was very helpful and purchasing my car was a simple process start to finish.
Andy Baxter
Good cars, service and communication.
Good cars, service and communication. Would use again and thoroughly recommend.
Clive Laband
Alan was brilliant from start to finish…
Alan was brilliant from start to finish I would definitely recommend anyone to buy a car from there!
Rachel McNaboe

Multiple Earning Opportunities

Savings and Investments products.
New car leasing for people with low or no credit.
Used car sales – More car for less at supermarket prices.
F1 Grand Prix.
VIP Events.
Private Jet experiences.
Speaking event.
And much more.

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